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Fabric for Days…….

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 : Upholstery Blog

We think the best part of going ahead with the recovery of your beloved piece is fabric selection!!  

This is the part where you get to dream and visual your furniture in a whole new way.  Will you go bold or classic?  Will you follow current trend or forge your own unique path?  Whichever direction you choose, Trevor Brown Upholstery has you covered.  Our showroom is host to thirteen (13) fabric houses to ensure that we have something for every taste.

Avant Garde    http://www.masterfabrics.com

Barrow    barrowindustries.com

Charlotte    http://charlottefabrics.com

Elite    http://elitetextileinc.com

Fabricut    http://fabricut.com

Jacksons    http://jackson.ca

Ennis     http://ennisfabrics.com

JF Fabrics     http://jffabrics.com

KB Fabrics     http://kbfabrics.com

Kravet     http://kravet.com

Maxwell     http://maxwellfabrics.com

Trend     http://trend-fabrics.com

Tritex     http://tritexfabrics.com

Come down and visit us and get inspired!  Our showroom hours are Monday-Friday, 7-4:30.


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