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We’re related to an international model that kicks ass!

Well, one of us is.

Kathy’s daughter, Stacey, was the poster girl for the OCR championship in South Africa this year!  It takes a lot of determination (and perspiration) to be as amazing as this woman!


What we Upholstered Wednesday

Going back in time today with these great little side chairs – so classic and clean looking


The nailhead trim really makes them pop



What we Upholstered Wednesday

I really liked seeing this sofa in the shop.  I find a lot of furniture to be so large and cumbersome but this little guy was the opposite.  Small, clean, and still super comfortable.

A little retro style sofa



What we Upholstered Wednesday

The sun is shining.  The weather is warm.  Time to put the boat in the water and make some memories!

Did you know that we recover boat seats, can put in new flooring, and make custom covers as well?  It’s true.

But here’s a hot tip for you – if you need a cover made for you boat, bring it to us in the fall or spring for quick service!



What we Upholstered Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and that means you get a sneak peek at a recent project.  Enjoy!

This bench looks AMAZING in this Kravet material

A close up so you can really see that pattern and texture



What we Upholstered Wednesday

This Wednesday is brought to you by the letter N – for Nooks!

A gorgeous tufted built in nook

Another look at the nook (yes, rhyming is fun!)

Here’s another option for you with throw pillows and a bolster, so as not to block that great view!

I am really digging that bolster!



What we Upholstered Wednesday

I feel like it’s time to share some of the amazing work we do here at Trevor Brown Upholstery (and to do regular blog posts :0 ) so we’re going to start a feature called “What we Upholstered Wednesday!”  True to its name, we will post photos and a little information on some of the pieces we’ve been working on.  So let’s not delay……

What we Upholstered Wednesday!

Here’s a cool before and after of a vintage sofa (and chair – not pictured).  It’s great to see old furniture come alive with new material!

Ye old sofa – before


Ye old sofa – After

A close up of those sweet fabrics c/o Charlotte Fabrics


Fabric for Days…….

We think the best part of going ahead with the recovery of your beloved piece is fabric selection!!  

This is the part where you get to dream and visual your furniture in a whole new way.  Will you go bold or classic?  Will you follow current trend or forge your own unique path?  Whichever direction you choose, Trevor Brown Upholstery has you covered.  Our showroom is host to thirteen (13) fabric houses to ensure that we have something for every taste.

Avant Garde    http://www.masterfabrics.com

Barrow    barrowindustries.com

Charlotte    http://charlottefabrics.com

Elite    http://elitetextileinc.com

Fabricut    http://fabricut.com

Jacksons    http://jackson.ca

Ennis     http://ennisfabrics.com

JF Fabrics     http://jffabrics.com

KB Fabrics     http://kbfabrics.com

Kravet     http://kravet.com

Maxwell     http://maxwellfabrics.com

Trend     http://trend-fabrics.com

Tritex     http://tritexfabrics.com

Come down and visit us and get inspired!  Our showroom hours are Monday-Friday, 7-4:30.


Pantone Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

It’s here: Pantone’s 2018 Color Of The Year is Ultra Violet!

Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet creates mystery. Purple has the ability to create a sense of peace and tranquility in your designs, energize the masses, or create a rich and luxurious environment.

How will you use Ultra Violet in your designs?


Happy Clients = Happy Trevor Brown

We love hearing that you love your newly recovered pieces but we especially love seeing those pieces in your home.

Here’s a recent letter from a pleased client….

“To everyone at Trevor Brown:
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my (well, actually the dog’s) chair
It was met with great approval!”