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What we Upholstered Wednesday

Another area that we work in is dental.  I know, lots of us are afraid of the dentist but you have to admit that those dental chairs are pretty comfy.  I’ve 100% fallen asleep in one before…..



What we Upholstered Wednesday

This week I’ll introduce you to our industrial side.  We make custom window covers, winterfronts, and really, anything you can dream up.  This first photo also showcases the man behind the (sewing) machine on these projects!



What we Upholstered Wednesday


I hope your 2019 is off to a great start!

If not, I’m sure these adorable chairs will absolutely help!  These chairs make me smile.  How great are they for a meeting room?!  Cup holder, solid writing platform, and recovered in tres cool fabrics.


What we Upholstered Wednesday


You still with me?  Excellent, because this a really cool project for a really cool kid.

We were approached by the Tetra Society of North America about a child in need of a warm and comfortable winter ride.

We cannot take the credit for the construction of the sled (which is sooo awesome) but we did create the custom cushions and matching blanket so that a deserving child can go out and enjoy the winter wonderland that we live in.


What we Upholstered Wednesday

Look at this amazing hair on hide chair!

The client supplied their own hide and we supplied the talent to take this chair to the next level!!


What we Upholstered Wednesday

This week’s piece is a labour of love and total talent.

The client embroidered the amazing top portion and our staff added a matching border to complete it.


Happy Halloween

I’m foregoing our “What we Upholstered Wednesday” segment to bring you some damn cool Halloween themed upholstered photos.

No, we did not recover these pieces – they are straight off a google search – but they are too cool not to share!

Aren’t these the greatest?



What we Upholstered Wednesday


This week we have a really lovely sofa for you to check out.

It’s a traditional piece upholstered in a fun paisley.  I think it adds a lot of whimsy and fun.  What do you think?


What we Upholstered Wednesday

I don’t want to brag but the work we do at Trevor Brown Upholstery is akin to the work of doctor.  No, no….stay with me here.  I just mean that we can breathe new life into things, like how a doctor would do CPR.  Ok, bad analogy but these are some amazing before and afters.

Duct tape seat?!

Now she’s glorious!

That does not look comfy

But now she looks brand new



What we Upholstered Wednesday

This week I’m going to share some amazing car interiors.  We have  talented staff that can restore your old vehicle to its former glory!

Interior shots

Yes, we even do door panels too!