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What we Upholstered Wednesday

This week’s piece is a labour of love and total talent.

The client embroidered the amazing top portion and our staff added a matching border to complete it.


Happy Halloween

I’m foregoing our “What we Upholstered Wednesday” segment to bring you some damn cool Halloween themed upholstered photos.

No, we did not recover these pieces – they are straight off a google search – but they are too cool not to share!

Aren’t these the greatest?



What we Upholstered Wednesday


This week we have a really lovely sofa for you to check out.

It’s a traditional piece upholstered in a fun paisley.  I think it adds a lot of whimsy and fun.  What do you think?


What we Upholstered Wednesday

I don’t want to brag but the work we do at Trevor Brown Upholstery is akin to the work of doctor.  No, no….stay with me here.  I just mean that we can breathe new life into things, like how a doctor would do CPR.  Ok, bad analogy but these are some amazing before and afters.

Duct tape seat?!

Now she’s glorious!

That does not look comfy

But now she looks brand new



What we Upholstered Wednesday

This week I’m going to share some amazing car interiors.  We have  talented staff that can restore your old vehicle to its former glory!

Interior shots

Yes, we even do door panels too!



What we Upholstered Wednesday

So by now you know that we can recover any and all residential pieces you can throw at us but we can do more.  At Trevor Brown Upholstery we also do commercial, automotive, industrial, and health care.  We service A LOT of gyms in the Edmonton area (same day service…..) and here are a few photos….



What we Upholstered Wednesday

This week we’re going to do a retro showcase!

I feel like these kitchen chairs were in the house of every grandparent….  I sat on a set in my grandma’s kitchen making amazing memories as a kid.  It’s no wonder people have such a strong attachment to these great pieces.  They are also durable, easy to clean, and so fun you can’t help but smile.

A classic recover with nail head detail

How fun is this glitter – metallic vinyl?!  It’s the best!!

The mix of colours give these chairs a nice pop

I can see these ones being at home in a quaint soda shoppe with Archie and Betty sipping milkshakes (Team Betty all the way…..)

I feel like this throw back is more towards the 80s but the two tone and piping give this chair a retro cool vibe

The beauty of this style of kitchen chair is that it can literally handle any colour of material you chose!

They were made to stand out!

What we Upholstered Wednesday

Our shop is always busy with restaurant booth seat recovery so let me share a sampling of some of our handy work.

(not from a restaurant but still booth seating)



Brag Post

We’re related to an international model that kicks ass!

Well, one of us is.

Kathy’s daughter, Stacey, was the poster girl for the OCR championship in South Africa this year!  It takes a lot of determination (and perspiration) to be as amazing as this woman!


What we Upholstered Wednesday

Going back in time today with these great little side chairs – so classic and clean looking


The nailhead trim really makes them pop