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Trevor Brown Upholstery has been doing commercial upholstery for 48 years. We work closely with many construction companies, milwork shops and restaurant owners themselves to obtain a final outcome they are looking for. Our past experience includes projects like Red Lobster, Edo Japans, Sawmill Sherwood Park, Rick’s All day Grill,  Jasper Park Lodge, Kelsey’s Restaurants, Alberta government centres, Alberta Health Services, the University of Alberta and Fairmont Hotels to name a few. We offer the following services to our clients:

Repairs & Services of existing furnishings:

  • Firm quotation for the projects.
  • Consultation to review the existing foams, paddings and frames.
  • Same morning repairs for booth seats.
  • Same day repairs for medical equipment pieces
  • Repairs to large projects will be scheduled with the client to meet the clients needs.
  • Review and recommend fabric selections with the client if there is a change being made.
  • Restyle and modify existing furnishings.
  • Pick up and deliver to your site.

New Construction:

  • Custom Commercial booth manufacturing.
  • We have a wide variety of booth designs for you to choose from.
  • Help you select the right fabric and or vinyl for your application.
  • Written quotations from drawings and specifications.
  • Deliver the project by the promised date.
  • Review of millwork shop drawings to ensure the upholstery will fit on site.
  • Provide shop drawings for the upholstery if requested.
  • Provide consultation to designers.
  • Provide samples of fabrics and related specifications for review when requested.
  • Provide upholstered samples when requested.
  • Provide copies for maintenance manuals when required