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When your equipment is down your company is no longer making money. At Trevor Brown Upholstery we will go the extra mile to make sure your repairs are completed in the shortest time to keep your equipment working. Over the last 48 years we have provided repairs for all types of seats and provided new winter fronts, windshield covers, custom pouches for manuals, aircraft wing covers, bin covers, insulated tank covers and padded wrist pads. If your problem is a soft cover issue, call us, we enjoy a challenge. We can help you in the following ways:

Repairs & Services of existing equipment:

  • Same day repairs on seats.
  • Firm quotation for the project.
  • Consultation to review the existing foams, paddings and frames.
  • Where materials are used outside use we only material that has a minus 40 cold crack rating
  • Welding of seat frames if required.
  • Repairs of tarps, covers and slings.
  • Restyle and modify existing seats so they are more comfortable for the operator.
  • Pick up and deliver to your site if required.

New Product:

  • Template your equipment for windshield covers, winter fronts and other modifications.
  • Work from your measurements to produce a template for out of town equipment.
  • Provide drawings and sketches for specific projects.
  • Provide a sample of the product where quantities are involved.
  • Written quotations from drawings and specifications.
  • Deliver the project by the promised date.