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The Cost of a Sofa – Part 1

Thursday, September 1st, 2016 : Upholstery Blog

Have you ever wondered what reasons are behind the vast difference in the price of furniture?

The majority of us have a budget and what we want and what we can afford are sometimes worlds apart.  However, most sofas these days are not created equal.

How do you find a happy marriage of both quality and price?  How do you know if it’s quality at all?

It all comes down to craftsmanship and materials.

The difference between well made and poorly constructed furniture……

When a sofa and chair is priced low, there is likely a reason. It usually indicates lower quality materials and craftsmanship.  The quantity of the items produced during manufacturing will also have an effect on the price. It is cheaper to mass produce a product, but this often reduces the quality and will not truly reflect the real cost of a single production. Some furniture manufacturers use an inexpensive wood base covered by several thin layers of better-quality wood veneer. The use of furniture-grade plywood, which is many layers thicker than regular plywood, has become popular over the last ten years.

  • The cheapest type of wood furniture is often made from particle board, thin plywood, press board or fiberboard. These composite materials are made from a combination of wood pulp, plastics, and resin.  You will often get nice styling for the moment, but don’t expect it to last for decades.  Frames made from plywood or particleboard might even be held together with staples, with additional layers of plywood reinforcement.  Being able to wiggle the arms or twist the sofa is not a good sign.

a NEW sofa in our shop for repairs

  • What’s inside the frame comes next.  A higher quality frame means you can use higher quality, heavier springs like eight-way hand-tied springs, where each spring is connected and secured by very strong twine and will spread out weight evenly.  Less expensive sofas and chairs will have a cheaper spring version and be constructed with just elasticized webbing instead of webbing with springs, or a springy metal coil, thus making the sofa more prone to losing its form and could begin to sag.

We will continue our lesson in “the cost of a sofa” next week!


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