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The Cost of a Sofa – Part 2

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 : Upholstery Blog

Last week we started a discussion on the reasons for the vast differences in the price of furniture.  The first two points were about wood frame quality and spring quality.  Lets continue and see what other factors affect the cost……

  • What is between you and the springs is important as well.  The fill of the cushions in a quality sofa will be made of high density foam covered in polyester or down padding. Down is the most luxurious choice and can be the most expensive.  A combination of down and high density foam is a good option. Higher density foam will have a heavier feel and provide a long lasting, quality seat that won’t break down as quickly.  A low cost sofa will reveal the use of a lighter weight or less dense and often unwrapped foam.  The cushions will be much lighter and unfortunately lose their shape, sooner rather than later.
  • The upholstery fabric you choose is a very big factor in the price you pay for your sofa. You will find quality furniture pieces covered in beautiful, durable, tightly woven fabrics with a high abrasion factor, 15,000 double rubs or more. Leather, in this case, will be top grain and dyed all the way through, as compared to a cheap sofa covered in low cost bonded leather made from the scraps of hides.  A more expensive sofa will usually offer you many more fabric and custom options.

Higher end furniture (Let’s say $7500 and upwards) will provide you with comfort, fabulous style, impeccable craftsmanship, longevity and a very, very, high price tag. Mid-range furniture ($2500-$6000 for a sofa) will also provide you comfort, style, attention to detail and materials and save you the shock of the price.  Low end furniture ($2000 or less for a sofa) may offer style, function, and economy but could cost us all more in the end.  Affordable at the moment, poorly made furniture will end up in the land fill after filling your living room.

As consumers we do have a choice in where we put our dollars and most of the time you usually do get what you pay for.  Occasionally a high price does not always mean superior quality, or a good brand is fouled by poor store service.  If you do your homework or have a trusty friend who knows furniture, pointing out what to look for before you buy, you’ll be sitting pretty on furniture that you can feel good about.



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